Drug Cost Control and Analytics

While hospitals are surrounded by tremendous amounts of data, getting meaningful information, particularly utilization-based data, to identify opportunities and realize cost savings can be complex and time consuming for hospital clinical staff.

Drug Cost Control Solution

Cardinal Health provides financial consulting expertise as well as proprietary, web-based technology to deliver the resources and actionable insights so pharmacy leaders can achieve substantial cost savings through drug cost control.

Pharmacy Product Master Services

Ensure medication utilization and charging data accuracy through a comprehensive review and update of the Pharmacy Product Master.

Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics

Cardinal Health’s Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics allows your hospital pharmacy to quickly identify medication drivers, benchmark performance, and track antibiotic usage and susceptibility to drive cost saving decisions.

GPO Pharmacy Contracts

Analyze drug purchases to identify savings opportunities to drive the maximum value from Group Purchasing Organization contracts.

Five ways to make benchmarks work at hospital pharmacies